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Spell for Protection of a Loved One

this is a spell to keep loved one safe - not necessarily a romantic partner, although it was written with a romantic partner in mind. best performed when the moon is waxing to full. please obtain the person’s permission before performing spellcraft in their name!


♡ gather: dried sage; dried rosemary; apple (leaves, bark or seeds - dried); oak (leaves, bark or acorns - dried); rose (petals, flowers or hips - dried); mortar and pestle; candle of a colour you associate with the person to be protected; matches or lighter; sharp object to carve the person’s name into the candle with; oil empowered with protection (try this, or this); a small piece of cotton fabric in the same colour as the candle; red thread/string.

♡ prepare for spellwork using your chosen method (e.g. ground, centre, cast a circle, invoke a patron god/goddess, etc.).

♡ with positive thoughts of safety and happiness, anoint the candle with the oil. carefully and gently carve the name of the person you wish to protect into the candle about one inch from the top, asking the universe or your deity to protect them and hold them in safety.

♡ place the candle in front of you, but do not light it yet, and meditate on your goals until you feel ready to continue.

♡ when you feel that you’re ready to move on, place the sage, rosemary, apple, oak and rose into the mortar and pestle, saying or thinking:
   “sage to cleanse and birth anew,
    rosemary, for healing i call on you,
    strength of oak and apples sweet,
    merry part and merry meet.
    rose to represent my love,
    as below, so be above.
    i ask again before we part,
    to keep my loved one in your heart.”

♡ picture your loved one glowing with golden light, walking alongside you and/or your deity of choice, happy and well. when you are satisfied that your ingredients are blended well, take some of the mixture and place it in the centre of the cloth. you may also wish to create a protective rune or sigil to place inside. tie the cloth into a small bag, using the red thread.

♡ place the bag, along with any of the mixture which didn’t fit inside, in front of the candle you inscribed earlier. now, light the candle and meditate, asking the universe and/or your deity to bless this ritual and help you to accomplish your goals. again, picture your loved one, yourself, and/or your deity together, safe and happy.

♡ at this point you may choose to close your circle, put forth any offerings to your deities and whoever else you have invoked, or you may choose to continue meditation. either way, allow the candle to burn until the person’s name has melted away. then bury, throw away, or cleanse the candle stump and scatter the extra ingredients to the winds or over water.

♡ keep the amulet bag in a safe place or give it to the person in question to carry.

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