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Relationship Commitment Love Spells

Relationship commitment love spells that work

Relationship commitment love spells that work are the perfect spells that any married couple in the whole world needs to cast. These are love spells that will effectively work to keep your marriage together with no room for bad vibes. The reason why these spells are recommended for all relationships with serious partners is that they are mastered to convert negatives into positives. Nothing can ever come in between a relationship that has been given a foundation with these relationship commitment love spells that work. relationship commitment love spells that work are cast or should only be requested for if you are seriously in love and you are looking forward to taking it to the next level.

Relationship commitment love spells to make your relationship last forever

If you want to make your relationship last forever then you ought to cast these relationship commitment love spells that work. Love is beautiful and it makes more sense when it lasts forever. Making a relationship last forever defines how committed you are and it also gives the spell a stronger momentum. Therefore casting this kind of spell will make the two of you committed to each other in love, passion and affection. No one will ever come between the two of you no matter how strong the temptations are because they spellbind both of you with a very powerful magical love bond.

Relationship commitment love spells to create faithfulness in a relationship

Are you looking for the gift of faithfulness in your beautiful relationship? Faithfulness is a key aspect of life in a relationship that is necessary for any type of relationship. If you want it to help secure your partner, then you are just one step away from that all you need is to contact through the contact form below as soon as possible. not only will you get faithfulness but also a mutual understanding in the relationship.

Contact Maama Faizah
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Magick yourself up some happiness and success with these simple spells

Casting a spell can help you to focus on what you really want out of life. Midia Star, author of The Witchcraft Handbook, shares some spells to help you magick up some success

Illustrated watercolour feather illustration from The Witchcraft Handbook

Modern-day witches don’t have cauldrons or fly around on brooms. Black cats aren’t compulsory (although you can have one if you want) and there’s no need to put on a pointy hat.

Casting a spell is a great way to focus on what you want in life and set your intentions towards your goals.

“Witchcraft is about embracing life and trying to make the world a better place for everyone, no matter what their faith, religion, colour, creed or sex,” says Midia.

“It’s a nature-based belief and we use the seasons, herbs, colours, candles, the moon and the sun to help with spells to attain our dreams and desires, and those of others.”

According to Midia, magick can help you find the job you want and maintain a happy relationship.

But remember to use your powers for good – witches believe that if you do something morally wrong then it will come back to haunt you. “If you use it frivolously to do harm or only for selfish means, you can bet it will come back to bite you,” she says.

Read on to try three spells to boost your wellbeing…

Full moon watercolour illustration

Making friends spell

Some people can make friends just like that, but for others it’s not so easy. You might be shy or worried about making the first move. You might have had to move away from your hometown, or you’ve just started a new job. This spell will help you to make and keep new friends.

You will need:

  • A blank postcard
  • A gold pen
  • A bay leaf
  • Clear adhesive tape
  • 30cm of thin gold ribbon

What you do:

Do this spell on a Sunday or a Wednesday, or on a new or full moon. The postcard is to write your request for new friends to enter your life. Take the gold pen and at the top write the word WANTED, then underline it. Now write what kind of friends you would like in your life.

You could write something like:

Fun and caring friends at work/school/home Who like me for who I am. New friends who I can confide in, Go out with and enjoy myself with.

When you’ve done this, stick the bay leaf to the postcard. Carefully roll up the postcard into a tube shape and tie the gold ribbon around it.

Leave the scroll on your bedroom windowsill for 24 hours so that your message will be carried to the universe, then place the scroll somewhere in your bedroom. You should soon see new friends entering your life.

Black cat watercolour illustration

Loving yourself charm

How can we expect to have a happy relationship when we don’t love ourselves? Everybody has hang-ups, but you shouldn’t let them damage your sense of self-worth.

This is a confidence- booster spell for those times when we feel unhappy with something about ourselves.

You will need:

  • A bunch of brightly coloured flowers
  • Five white tealight candles
  • A tall mirror

What you do:

Find a time when you can do this spell undisturbed. Arrange the flowers in a circle on the floor – big enough for you to sit in. Arrange the tealight candles in a smaller circle within the flower circle.

Place the mirror outside of the circle in such a way that you can see yourself when you are inside the circle. Sit cross-legged within the circle and carefully light all five candles.

Look at yourself in the mirror and see how beautiful you really are. See your inner beauty.

Repeat the following chant five times: I am beautiful, no matter what anyone says. I am filled with love for myself in every single way.

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