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Relationships Issues

It's not always that easy to identify impending relationship problems when you're in a new love, you might see a red flag or two but not care one bit because it’s still much fun! I totally get it, and yet that doesn't mean you should ignore early relationship problems, especially since many have of a way of getting worse with time.

So do yourself a favor. If you notice something that seems a bit off — maybe your partner is controlling, or you two always argue — don't look the other way. "Everyone is usually on their best behavior in the beginning of a relationship. I'll be able to foretell whatever red flags or differences appear early on, remember they will only get worse. Whatever the issues may be for you, try to imagine them heightened up, and ask yourself if you can live with that."

You can give your new partner the benefit of the doubt, and take some time to work on things. Perhaps you can try and control the negative behavior, but in cases where there’s incompatibilities from the beginning, it's probably best to fold and move on, because that is not going to get better.