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Love rituals are incredibly powerful and long-lasting, but ONLY if you follow these six little known secrets of Old World Witchcraft to ensure successful love rituals.

But before we dive into the magickal considerations, we need to set one very fundamental matter straight: Exactly how does a love spell work?

Imagine each person being surrounded by an energy field full of particles that are the energetic interpretation of the person's thoughts, emotions, and inner desires.

These particles are responsible for forming the person's reality, their reactions, and their desires. When a person does not love you (or have the feelings you desire them to have for you), it simply means those energetic particles are not present in their external energy field – because they are not naturally internally present.

What love magick does, is it energetically inserts those desired energetic particles into the target's energy field. In a sense, it works like a virus or radiation. By surrounding the target with the energy of the desired emotions, the target's energy field becomes "contaminated" with new thoughts, desires and in turn: actions.

If, and when, the "contamination" is persistent and magickally appropriately performed, the result will be a thorough seep into the physical and emotional mind of the target.

Secret #1: Love Yourself Unconditionally

First thing you need to consider is your own state of well-being:

Are you anxious?
Have you not adequately dealt with childhood or young adult trauma?
Sexual guilt? Broken heart?

Don't beat yourself up! We ALL have issues in one form or another - everyone experiences mental and emotional bruising at some point in their lives. The key is how we overcome those disempowering issues!

Love Yourself Unconditionally Old World Witchcraft

How many disempowering beliefs, emotions, illusions and judgmental misconceptions are still hindering your happiness today? Everyone experiences days or life patterns where we are feeling weighed down by negative thoughts, emotions or even possibly entities.

Fear not! A simple banishing may be all you need to regain your balance and remove the unsightly influences.  Time to banish your negative beliefs and renew your life!

We want to see you magickally succeed, therefore we will continue to be annoying by stressing the importance of the self-love concept. After banishing unsightly negative influences (energies, entities, attachments, etc.), it will be time to open yourself back to love.

Opening yourself back to love begins from within. This Bloom Into Love Ritual will assist you with opening your heart charka and radically increasing self-love. This is a key energy point in successful love spells. How you feel about yourself and how you treat yourself will be reflected to you by the outside world. This ritual will change your love life from the inside out!

This newfound energy will positively translate to all areas of your witchcraft. Serendipities will begin to happen even before you cast your spell. You will feel as if you're experiencing mini quantum slips on a daily basis.

If you're not sure where to start only our journey to self-love (and ultimate happiness), I highly recommend you get the book "You Can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay, listed first on our Recommended Reading page.

Secret #2: Present Tense Energy & Visualization

While performing the spell work, stay focused in the moment. Envision the desired goal as already manifested in this very present moment and get very clear about exactly what you'd like to experience.
Old World Witchcraft Love Spell Visualization Energy

For example, when performing a love ritual, envision making love with your desired partner.
Get late-night, TV-MA graphic in your imagination! Now is not the time to be bashful.  The more real this FEELS to you, the more energy will be radiated from you and into your targets energy field.

This is intense work! You simply can't let your mind wander about what's for dinner.

Secret #3: "Plan of Attack"

If the love spell is on specific person, you must ask yourself the following questions:

Is the target currently in a relationship? If yes, you will have to decide whether or not you are comfortable with breaking up the targets existing relationship.

Does the target already have their eyes set on someone else? If yes, you will need to put in a lot od extra work into making sure you are all your target sees and wants.

Is the target a workaholic or is extremely distracted by a different part of life (such as children, health problems, financial issues, etc.)?  If yes, you will need to form a great deal of magnetic energy around yourself to draw and keep the attention on yourself. This will require lengthy, long-term work.

Is the target open and ready for a new relationship? If not, prepare for long-term spell work to maintain their interest and commitment.
Old World Witchcraft Love Spell Secrets

Many different types of attachments and distractions exist!

In order to properly perform the spell work, you will need to orchestrate a plan to shatter their current reality in order to open their eyes to the wonders of you...and only you!

Unless the target is already interested in you and has no other commitments/distractions/emotional baggage , plain "Love Me" spells just won't cut it. You must break down your desired goal into concrete spell work steps!

For example, if your target is a successful workaholic type that has children and is currently separated, you will have to:

  1. You must give the target courage and the strength to leave the relationship for good. An alternative path to this would be to magickally influence his/her partner to leave your desired target. A very basic Breakup Spell spell usually gets this done in one fell swoop.
  2. The target will need to open up to you emotionally and become ready to accept new love into their life, with the focus being on you. This typically involves communication spells, such as 'Contact Me At Once', as this keeps you on the persons mind.
  3. The target will have to form strong feelings for you, which can be accomplished using Love Spells.
  4. And finally, the target will have to actually be in a relationship with you....and maintain the Devoted Relationship.
As you can see, this one goal involves a minimum of 4 different spells! For measurable (and lasting!) results, It is extremely important to map out your plan of attack.

Secret #4: Timing is Everything

At what time are performing your love spells?

Love magick works best while your desired lover is in a receptive state while in deep sleep. Yes, this means you will either have to stay up very, very late or wake up extremely early in the morning.

Assuming the desired lover goes to bed at 10pm and is the same time zone as you are, the best time to perform a love spell is between midnight and 4am. If you know your target is a night owl or wakes up middle of the night for work, you will need to adjust these hours accordingly.

Love Spell Secrets Old World Witchcraft

Love spells should be performed at least in 3 consecutive nights. You may repeat the same love spell for three nights in a row, or simply create a mini-altar for your desired outcome and daily add candles and meditative energy to your cause.

If this is "too dark" for you based on your personal spiritual beliefs, simply skip doing love spells on a specific person altogether. Unless you are comfortable with your spell work, you will only be wasting your time. Instead, do general love spells to welcome a new (unknown) lover into your life using Ready for Love.

Secret #5: Biological Material

You must have a piece of the targets biological material! This can be a few hairs from a pillow, fingernail clippings, a used condom, a dirty piece of clothing, etc. Get creative!

Biological Material Old World Witchcraft

You must have a piece of the targets biological material. This is a direct link to their energy field and their physical experience.

Using only a birthdate and a name is not enough. The biological material is the direct link!

Secret #6: Energy That Creates Life

The absolute most powerful practice to add to your spell work is a self-induced orgasm and menstrual blood. Don't be grossed out here! Sexual energy and physical substance is the most powerful thing in this world.

Orgasm Love Spells Blood Old World Witchcraft

Menstrual blood is the blood that can create a human. This blood can create ANYTHING. The proteins that go into menstrual blood are the purest proteins a body can create. Your body is not "dirty", despite what society has taught you to believe.

Embrace your sexuality and your changing time of the month. This is literally the most powerful substance in the universe.

Combining a self-inducing orgasm, menstrual blood and the targets biological material in spellwork will create extremely potent magick. You should see spellwork progression within 48 hours. Yes, it works that quickly!

If you are not menstruating (due to age, health, gender, etc.), you may use sexual fluids instead. This will produce similar results, but tend to not last as long energetically as spells that utilize menstrual blood.

The 'Spellwork On Your Behalf' service is offered to those that require extra assistance to achieve their goals.

It requires a thorough consultation and examination of the current situation and the desired outcome before absolutely any spell work can be performed. The most successful magick cultivates when the witch and the client work their own parts of the project in harmony. Therefore, it is imperatively important a good match is made and that the client understands the process and what to expect. Continue reading

I see you’ve told us which powders to use in some rituals. I want to do a banishing spell to remove feelings a man has for another woman. I was wondering if you’d be able to tell us what the banishing blend and extinction blend is made out

Hello Nenet, all of the Old World Ritual Blends are a proprietary blend of roots, herbs and resins. We do not share recipes, but are happy to instruct as to how best use them.

The Extinction Ritual Blend has recently been updated with two rituals, both available on the product page.

Regarding banishing spell to remove feelings a man has for another woman, it's a bit of a complicated question, as it all depends on the circumstances.

For example, if you would like this man to have feelings for you (and only you), you would be better off performing a Song of the Siren Ritual. Otherwise, if you keep changing his thoughts about specific women, he will keep finding new women to obsess over. It will become an endless task.

The Song of the Siren Ritual will make sure you are on his mind -- you and you alone.