MAMA FAIZAH +27634364625 Traditional healer spells and muthi for court cases, promotion and all financial problems online

promotion at work spells and muthi

I can make you look the favorite, the one suitable for the position come promotion time at work. You need to be strong rather because everyone will be looking for the same position having consulted with his own spiritualists and magicians. In the other hand, you have to get the binding because you are in a war that you haven’t realized. All the people you were bidding for wanted this position and it is possible that some of them may hate you after winning the promotion.

Court case spells and muthi

I need to get all the truth from you the person who is going courts. You need to give me the true nature of the case and don’t try to defend yourself and make yourself innocent in front of my face. By so doing you might make your case sound small and easy and I end up giving you medicine and the powers that befits the weight of the case the way you sounded, yet it is worse than that by so doing you will be killing yourself. Again don’t make the case sound heavier than it is because I will give you muthi and powers that suit the level you have described and the magic powers then become too hash for the case and you. You may find that in that result you are fighting with the authorities of the law or they don’t just like you, or trust you, by just that you can lose the case. But all in all, even if one is convicted “if there is a chance of appealing then I am here to make it happen.

Financial problems spells and muthi

you may find that you make enough money for your living and other things but come this time when your finances are refusing to do things. In that issue you may start to wander what it is that have gone wrong. Sometime bad and negative spirits and the spirits of witches can be used to put you in some financial crises. In other ways you may find that your money is being taken by the magic or else the problem is in you and you need to get rid of bad spells.

Bad financial magic presented as the good one

I really do not get it when some traditional and spiritual healers advertise or publish that they have rats that take money and give it to a person and make those person wealthy. I destroy those rats and I don’t like them because there is no truth in them. Whose money do they take and give it to whom? Are they not Tokoloshe and goblins? If they are not why do they give those people money and they become a family nightmare at the end. There are homes that you will hardly stay or sleep in them because of these things. I remove and destroy such spells if they are troubling you.

Sell your property or whatsoever fast

A spell to attract customers is there, you can see yourself selling in larger volumes when somebody wonders why, because you might be having the same things. Beat the competition and get the interest of the customers. Be noted first and sell. You get this spell at Hajjat Shamirah .

Bad performance at school

in most cases like this from my experience of this problem, it is a negative spirit of your late persons who did not want schooling. Sometime it is other people or children from bad families who carries things that make your brains slow at school. There is a lot of witchcraft in schools happening; in other cases you might find that a witch is a teacher himself at school. One may ask himself ‘is it a teacher, another child or whosoever is a witch, why will he choose me out of all these children’? It is because you are attached to those negative spirits that he is possessed with. I remove all those spirits, I cast them away.

Win your lover

I help you win the lover of your life; it might be many of you expecting the person to approach and you find that he / she don’t even think of you a bit. Then you have got to propel the situation, create it with the help of MAMA FAIZAH +27634364625 . One may come to think that this person is afraid of proposing love yet the one who is to be proposed is having bad luck or some negative spells cast on him / her.

Stresses, body pains and some long illness

I don’t deal with these ones directly, I must find the cause first and then I will be able to deal with the cause and then the problem itself. It is because there is no disease known as stress, a stress is a condition developed by some feelings and becoming a sickness in different forms such as body pain, headaches, powerlessness (lack of strength) and so on. So I deal with the cause.

Binding cars, houses, people’s bodies, businesses, churches, political organizations and other structures

Binding is needed because in life there is always a completion, others may jealous you and may want the very same position that you are holding or the very same home that you have. So in order for them to achieve that they must put you down by any means. This binding is a protection of the aforesaid properties and structures; it is giving of the powers and the strength spiritually that these things won’t be disturbed with negative powers and other. The binding can be done on cars, houses, people, and livestock and so on. The binding can also protects from robberies and hijackers.

Bring back stolen property

Steal someone’s property he seek for help with Hajjat Shamirah and see what you will become. When you steal, you obviously use force, and I use the same force to get the things back its rightful owner. Muthi, the spells that search for the things you have stolen will cook you. It happens that the stolen goods may go forever because of the way they will have moved and because of the type of goods, but still the thief will be cooked by the spells searching for the stolen property