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Online Childbirth Protection Spell Basil Protection Bath Ritual A Freezer Binding Spell
Using magic to protect yourself can be a smart idea, and protection spells come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. There are various ways of protecting yourself with witchcraft or to remove negative influences from your life.
How you approach it will depend on the situation. And as I will be repeating on other pages, do not rely on magic alone if you are in serious danger. If you are ever truly threatened, stalked or harassed, you should always contact the police before relying on a spell for protection.
To simply get someone out of your life, someone who may just be annoying or bothersome and not any real threat to you, a banishing spell is your easiest option. It causes no harm to the other person and simply gives them a magical push away. These are so popular, I’ve added a second page of more banishing spells and then even more powerful banishing spells.
For something a little stronger, you can go with binding spells to prevent them from acting against you.
If the problem is more aggressive, and you think someone has cast a negative spell on you, then you would want to take a different approach. You can either try a curse-breaking spell to counteract any hex or black magic used against you. Or you can actually reverse the spell and send the negative energy right back to the person who sent it.
Now, these are all examples of using protection spells against someone in particular. You can always do more general protection spells even when there is nothing specifically threatening to go on. Or try a Wiccan protection spell.
Or if you prefer to add protection to your home rather than to your personal self, try some new home protection spells for a safe living space.
These are good to help keep you safe as well as to clean your environment of incoming negative energy. You can also try a milder cleansing spell or a personal purification spell for that.
Remember that just because a few unfortunate things may have happened to you recently, it doesn’t mean you’ve been cursed or hexed. Bad luck still exists, so don’t go casting spells all over the place just because you stubbed your toe or lost your car keys.

Child Birth Protection Spell South Africa 

The purpose of this spell is to cleanse a room before childbirth occurs, to keep out any negative or unwanted influences, and to help bring about an easy and speedy delivery. It must be prepared well in advance of the predicted due date. This spell involves making a ritual broom, which will then be used to sweep negative energies out of the birthing room.

Basil Protection Bath RitualBasil protection

Basil is a herb that is famed for its protective properties, and this nine-day basil protection bath ritual can help repair a damaged aura, repels any malevolence directed towards you, and helps you form a protective shield around yourself. This ritual should be done after you have had your regular daily bath or shower. Try to avoid wearing synthetic chemicals on your skin during the days which you are performing the ritual (this includes most lotions and perfumes).

A Freezer Binding Spell South Africa

This freezer binding spell is a simple way to stop someone from causing harm to you or interfering with your life. It doesn’t cause them any harm – however, it does attempt to manipulate their actions, so before performing this spell, think hard about the role of karma in magic . Listen to your intuition, and decide for yourself if you are comfortable performing this spell, and whether the situation cannot be resolved any other way.

Invisibility Spell South Africa

This spell will help you go unnoticed when you need it. While you will not become physically invisible, it will cast an aura over you that will make it more difficult for others to notice you. The spell will however not work if you do things that draw attention to yourself, so after performing the spell and going about your business with your aura of invisibility, make sure that your movements are calm and that you are as silent as possible.

Evil Eye Protection Spell South Africa

This spell will help for protection against the “evil eye”. The evil eye is said to be a negative force which causes harm. Sometimes the evil eye is given unconsciously by others – perhaps from feelings of envy, jealousy or resentment that they feel towards you. Other times, it is directed at you intentionally. Whatever the source is, this spell will provide protection against the evil eye.
Before performing the evil eye spell, know that it is not helpful to focus too much on dark forces or negative energies harming you. While it is good for every witch to practice daily protection techniques (this could be as simple as visualizing white light or carrying a protective crystal , it is important to not “feed” the negative energies with your attention. If you pay too much attention to them, especially with thoughts that are tinged with fear, anger, hatred, or other strong emotions, it provides a “hook” that they can latch onto. So, perform your protective rituals and go about your life, cultivating as many good emotions as you can every day, and resting in the knowledge that you are safe and protected.

Voodoo Business Protection Spell South Africa

This very simple spell for protecting your business is from the Deep South and the Heart of New Orleans Voodoo. It keeps your enemies from stealing your ideas or customers. If you are a freelancer you can carry this as a charm or you can set it by your computer.
Pecans symbolize great wealth and are often used in money and wealth spells in different cultures. The reason that you use nine pecans in this ritual is that nine is the number of achievement and completions.

When to Use a Business Protection Spell South Africa

Before you open your business to the public, use this business protection spell to ensure that you will enjoy all the success and prosperity that you deserve. If you have already opened your business to the public, you can cast it even after you have been in business for many years.
Use the business protection spell is you want to be a successful business person, and want prosperity and financial success for you and your family. Use this spell to ensure that you get the respect in the business world that only comes from running a successful business. Your family and those around you will benefit from your use of this spell, as they all benefit from your prosperity and respect.

Health Protection Spell South Africa

This healing spell is a blessing and gives the body more connection with the spirit. The pine incense is a purifying element and so is the salt.
The water carries psychic energy in the flow from the mind to the body.
The sandalwood incense in this spell is also protective of evil spirits and also negative energy sent to you by other people.

Spell to Protect an Object In Singapore

The metaphysical business of protecting an object really does depend a great deal on your ability to visualize energy and also positive results. Protection rituals mostly involve tracing the shape of the five-pointed pentagrams over it to protect it from loss.
A pentagram is a form of a protective circle. It also puts a cloak of secrecy over all actions to do with the object; only you will be privy to where it is or what it is used for. Others will simply forget about it.
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