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Spells To Get A Job Back – Spells To Keep Job Without Candles

spells to keep a job

Spells To Keep A Job

Today maintaining your job position is very tough. With so much cut-throat competition around, you don’t know who is eyeing your position and who wants you evicted. If you fear that you will be removed from your job position and someone else will take your place, then you should go for spells to keep a job. The spell will help you retain your job position and earn more. It will enhance your chances of promotion and make you more popular in your office.

Spells to Get a Job and Keep It

If you aren’t getting recognition for the tasks you are performing and your boss doesn’t appreciate your work rather tries to insult you, then you should perform a spell to keep a job. The spell will melt the heart of your boss and he will stop doing bad things to you. He will not consider removing you from your job rather give you bonuses and appreciation. Spells to keep a job helps workers to maintain their job position and earn more in due course of time. Very soon the spell will yield desired results.

Spells To Get A Job Back

If your boss has removed you from your job, but you are in deep need of it, then you should perform spells to get a job back. The spell will help you win your job position back. Your boss will give you a call and very soon you will be re-appointed to your seat. Spells to get a job back is very helpful for those workers who have been removed without any reason. It gives your due recognition and fulfills your need for a job immediately. However, you should seek the help of a professional spell caster to cast this spell. Make sure you tell them your aim and then cast the spell.

Job Spells Without Candles

Now, job spells are performed with candles and without candles. You can perform job spells without candles easily without any issue. The spells are easy to cast and very effective. However, you should have a purity of intention, positivity in heart and clear mind for this. Make sure you don’t perform job spells without candles for any wrong reasons or it may backfire.

job spells without candles

Spells to get a job back is mentioned below –

For this spell, you need a blue candle, cup, lighter, mint leaves, tray, and your business card.

Keep the candle on the tray and spread mint leaves around it in a circle. Light it up. Now take your business card and read it several times. Now burn it in the candle flame and allow the ash to collect on the tray. Remove the candle and collect the mind and ashes in a cup.

Carry the ashes and bury it under an old tree. Dig a small hole in the big roots of the tree and bury the ashes and mind. And wait for the phone call from your office to come. Very soon you will be re-appointed.

The spell is very effective and powerful and will definitely give you desired results in a few days. Make sure you do it with complete devotion and sincerity.