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Powerful Revenge Spells

Powerful revenge spells are magical spells that are meant to hurt someone who has caused harm to you or tried to cause any kind of harm to you. If someone is doing continuously wrong to you, then you can cast a powerful revenge spell and hurt them back. With the help of these caster spells, you can control the mind of your enemy from whom you wish to seek revenge.

By chanting the spell mantras with great sincerity and devotion, you can hurt that person to the extent you want. You can get the powerful revenge spells with picture mantras from our professionally qualified astrologer. Our astrologer has immense knowledge and will suffice you with everything you need for the purpose.

Simple Revenge Spells With Pictures

Simple Revenge spells with picturesHowever, in order to cast simple revenge spells, you need to have a good level of patience and follow the rituals which will yield positive results to you and hurt the person badly. Those people who hurt or harm others, need to be taught a lesson and with the help of powerful revenge spells, you can easily do this task. Casting a revenge spell is very useful but your purpose should be authentic. You should not perform the spell for any illegal purpose.

If your lover has cheated on you and has left you for someone else, then you can cast a spell on him/ her for hurting you. You can do it by making use of his/ her picture. The revenge spells with picture is a powerful revenge spell and it will help you control your ex-lover and avenge for all the bad things that he/ she has done to you.

The simple revenge spells can make that person sick or make them lose the person for whom they have left you. but, the spells are highly sensitive and powerful and one needs to cast them with extra caution. Thus, performing it under the guidance of our proficient astrologer will be the right way to proceed.

Revenge Spells with Candles and Picture

powerful revenge spells with candlesIn order to cast the powerful revenge spell with candles, you need to light a black candle and sit in an Indian posture. Then take the picture of the person on whom you want to cast the spell and focus on the photo. And think of all the bad things that you want that person to face.

Then tie a black ribbon to the picture. And while wrapping it says “I separate you from everyone you love, I bind your world, I give you all the darkness and erase all the light, I punish you, now you cannot harm me any further. I chain you to the ground so that you can never get up or walk. I put snakes on you, I pray for your sickness, I pray for your pain and misery, I put the eternal torment on you forever and then take the wax of the black candle and pour it on the ribbon.

Take an envelope and write the name of the person on it and then keep the picture in it and stick it. Fold the envelope four times in a reverse manner and burn it and dispose of the ashes.

Very soon, the revenge spells with candles will give you positive results.