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1. Free easy attraction love spell

Our first spell in the list is a strong and effective love spell that can work without ingredients. Very easy to cast, all you need to do is chanting. If you are having interest in someone and want to get that person’s attention, then simply make use of this effective spell.

For the attraction purpose to work, you’re required to chant these words 300 times per day: “(the name of your beloved)

Remember that the chanting timing is pretty important – you’re advised to chant 100 times in the morning, again 100 times in the afternoon, and another 100 times in the night. Cast this spell outside your house for the best outcome!

Soon you’ll notice that your desired crush will gradually get attracted to you and follow to wherever you go. They will naturally approach you and ask for ways to contact you; in addition, they’d love to learn more about your personality.

2. Free love spell chant

Here comes another free and easy love spell requiring you to chant words.

The more you chant, the more powerful the spell will be. Send out your positive energy to the universe and this love spell will radiate the love magic and make it visible to wherever you go.

Since the free love spell chant here only gives good results to those having good purpose and good intention, you shouldn’t use it to break someone love relation or rekindle your negative relationship.

Wake up every morning at 7 o’clock and chant these words clearly:  Try to mumble or pray with this love chant as much as you can per day – as I already said, chanting more will fasten the outcome and bring you lots of surprises.

3. Free binding love spell

If you want to capture wholly the heart of the love of your life and strengthen the bond between you two, try out the so-called binding love spell. The main idea of this powerful spell is to bind your lover and keep them staying with you forever.

Some ingredients you may need to perform the ritual are: two clay dolls representing you and your loved one, a red ribbon, and a needle.

Make two dolls using clay and then use the needle to engrave the name of you and your mom on the first doll while writing the name of your beloved and their mom on the second doll. Create a small hole on each doll and tie both together with the red ribbon in a way they facing with each other.

Hold the dolls with your right hand, focus on your intention, and start chanting loudly  for 40 times every morning. Keep them on your bed while sleeping and ensure to let them stay only in your room.

The binding love spell is irreversible; thus, you must be certain about the person you want to be with in a committed long-lasting relationship.

4. Free lost love spell

Also known as the Sandal spell, this one can be used to win back your lost love.

Before practicing this love spell, you are suggested taking a good rest because it will drain a lot of your energy later. By sending the positive energy to the universe, you will be able to gain back the love and affection of your ex again.

Use only the green color for the candle when you perform this reconciliation spell as other colors bring nothing but negativity and failure. Inscribe both your name and your partner’s on the candle utilizing a red ink; then, all you need is to chant  for 40 times. Light up the candle, hold it with both hands and face against the sky, and concentrate on releasing your positive energy.

As long as the intention is clear, you can bring back your ex to your life.

5. Free love spell for beginners

This love spell will be fast and instant because it delivers the really quick results to people. Rather than preparing a complex ritual, you just have to do a small prayer and put all of your focus on your pure intention. Whether you want to meet your true mate or to fix your broken marriage, cast this spell to fulfill your desire.

Chant the words and repeat it as many times as possible for the wish to be granted.