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Get Someone to Fall Deeply in Love with You Using Spells

free magic love spell to strengthen your love

Here comes some powerful and incredible love spells guaranteeing to captivate the heart of your desired person in a short period.

What are you waiting for?

It’s time to witness the authentic influence of white magic!

#1: Love spell to make someone love you more

For those who want your lover to be more aware of their feelings for you and crave to strengthen the love connection between you two, then try out this spell as it sure is a great help.

Not only enhancing the love but the practice of this love spell also removes all sources of negativity to your relationship. Cast it with true intentions and a free, relaxed mind for awesome results.

Materials: two candles (red and pink), toothpick, cinnamon oil, a box of matches, a pencil, and paper


  • Wash over your body with a bath and wear clean clothes before performing the ritual
  • Inscribe the name of you and your lover on the red candle and pink candle
  • Light both candles and start visualizing you two fall deeply in love together while gazing at the burning flame
  • Hold the concentration for 30 minutes
  • Draw two hearts on the paper and fill each with both the names
  • Drop wax on the heart and then cover it

This love spell must be done repeatedly for 7 days; on the last day, you need to bury the paper in the ground after all the candles burn down.

#2: Love spell to capture his heart

Want to win the man’s heart forever?

The key is this powerful love spell – keep in mind it won’t give you the instant result; instead, the effect requires a period to work perfectly. No need to rush when it comes to love and usually complicated spells take longer time than those simple and showing fast outcomes.

For the magic to radiate, you need to make a voodoo doll using wheat flour.

Materials: a doll, a picture of your loved one, their hair or used piece of cloth (red), pins, and mustard seeds

Doll-making steps:

  • Prepare the dough to make the doll
  • Rub the dough with your palm using some portion and start firstly with the head
  • Move to the body by doing a cylindrical shape and continue with the arms and legs
  • Remember to make the male genital if your doll represents a man


  • Stick the picture and any belonging of your love interest on the doll
  • Use pins to prick yourself and make sure all the tips have a bit of your blood
  • Stick all the pins near the doll’s heart
  • Put the mustard seeds in the red cloth and cover the doll with it
  • Tie as many knots as possible and chant “Let it be the night of no moon, no one should be with me. Let your heart be mine forever and ever.
  • Place the doll somewhere near the 4 intersection road with the purpose of letting the love of your life see it and bring it home
  • They will fall deeply in love with you once opening the knots

Find a quiet place to perform this spell, or you won’t gain good results if being disturbed during the session.

#3: Love spell to avoid someone stealing your love

Along with the spell to keep someone else from your love, this is another amazing love spell to clear all the potential intentions of stealing your boyfriend.

Very easy to cast and requiring no ingredients, the love spell here needs only your voice to work. All you have to do is to chant loudly “‘you are not gonna steal my boyfriend, you are not gonna steal my boyfriend, and that’s the final verdict.

Repeat this kind of spell twice per month and soon you will get your guy to gall very hard head over heels for you. Once the magic is cast, he will belong to you and it’s impossible for anyone else to snatch him away.

#4: Love spell for soulmate

Here come another spell to make someone love you deeply!

Let me introduce you a spell that can help you draw the best partner to your life. Before you perform the love spell for soulmate, make sure that you’re ready for the commitment in a relationship.

Materials: a real parchment paper, a special tool for ritual writing like the quill pen or calligraphy marker, a heart-shaped box, moon charcoal and moon incense


  • Clean and meditate to freshen your aura
  • Use the pen to write down some powerful words for the aim of calling your perfect partner
  • Remember NOT to think about a specific person or the result will be affected
  • Keep your mind open and write the following chant “If there is a perfect match, this work tonight will for sure catch. The perfect one who is meant to be will find the way to me. In perfect trust and perfect love, I am sending this out and not with lust. This love spell is our guide tonight, free will remains with us tonight.
  • Continue doing the meditation and later light the ritual charcoal
  • Read what you wrote three times and sprinkle a tablespoon of moon incense over the fire each time
  • Fold the paper and put it in the prepared spell box
  • Hide it in somewhere safe and wait patiently for the nature to fulfill your wish

For this spell to work amazingly, you must have faith and maintain the positive vibe since the beginning.

Final Words

Try the spell to make someone love you deeply and you can enjoy your love life blissfully with the person of your dream. No more heart problems or issues, the white magic turns everything to be beautiful.