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Wiccan Love Witch with African Roots As you might know from what many love witches have written in the past, I believe that a love witch is someone who is both an adherent of modern hoodooism (Wicca) and also a knowledgeable practitioner of ritual magick. I am not talking about ceremonial black magick, of course, although that could be part of what one might know or even practice. I am talking about both high and low magic that is based on the foundation of modern paganism and the crafty part of witchcraft. Low magic is aptly represented these days by hoodoo, which I find acceptable if the more obvious Christian elements are removed or better yet, replaced with pagan deities. Earthy witchcraft practitioners would include the Gods in their magical workings, even though some forms of Hoodoo don’t involve any religious elements at all or do so in a very oblique manner. Followers of Wicca have the dispensation to produce charged items and certain sacraments, and these can be powerfully employed in a very effective form of low magic.  

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