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wants to have Good Luck and be rich. Who doesn’t?

Sadly, not all of us are lucky enough to be like the rich and famous. However, this does not mean that there is nothing you can do to change your luck. There is a way and that is to make use of the Luck and Money Spells that you will find here. These Spells have been designed in such a way that they will help you achieve what you have always wanted

So what if you have never been lucky before, you can be lucky after our Witches Cast your Spell. You can change your life today by choosing one or more of the Spells listed here.

  Lottery Spells That Work Immediately South Africa

Just browse through the Luck and Money Spells offered, and decide which is right for you. Once the selection is done, one of our experienced Master Witches will then Cast this Spell on your behalf.

Hurry and check out these Spells to change your luck today!

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If you think it’s impossible for money to fall out of a tree, think again. The California Astrology Association is offering an original Money Tree amulet that could bring you the financial windfall that you’ve been waiting for.

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Lottery Spells That Work Immediately

This spell working is best done during the waxing or full moon. Have ready a small green or brown talisman bag, three silver coins, your cauldron, a pentacle, a small dish, cinnamon, cedar chips, and your wand. Set your cauldron on the pentacle. Place a small dish inside the cauldron with a small amount of cinnamon and cedar chips on it. Beside the cauldron, lay your wand. Tap each coin with the wand as you chant: Glistening silver, coin of the moon Shiny and round, grant me a boon. Draw to my hands many more of your kind Multiply, grow, like the image in my mind. Place the coins in the cauldron with the herbs. Stir the air clockwise seven times over the cauldron. Chant: Earth elemental, cunning and bright, With me share your treasures tonight. Share with me riches, silver and gold Successes, Prosperity, all I can hold. Put the coins and the herbs in the talisman bag and lay it overnight in the moonlight. Either carry the bag with you, or keep it near your bed where you will see it every night. 

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Burning a candle for good luck isn’t enough. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate candle color, anointed it with oil, and notched or inscribed it with the symbol that represents the type of luck you hope to receive, do the following: Light a candle in the color of your choice and say, “This candle represents me.” Light a black candle and say, “I have had bad luck in the past but it’s time for it to stop. This candle represents my bad luck.” Light a gray one and say, “My life is balanced at this point”. “Bad Luck is No More“. Light an orange candle and say, “Things will change now. Good luck is coming.” Let the candles burn all the way down as you visualize the good luck you will have from this day forward, you don’t have to say anything out loud at all (though you can certainly. You watch the goal and luck in your mind grow slowly and finally soar because your “success” won’t be instantaneous and burn out quickly, like a balloon that’s filled with too much air, too quickly. Instead, the good luck will come to you and you’ll achieve gradual and long-lasting success in your goal.  

Your Wishes With The Universe With Good Luck Candle Burning.

Casting candle burning spells for good luck aligns your wishes with the abilities of nature and the universe. Be sure to follow the directions carefully, choosing the appropriate color for your candle and chanting the spell that promises to bring you what you lack. Be aware of any special steps you need to accomplish before your wishes can be granted, like “notching the candle”, and you’ll stand a better chance at getting the results you desire. Candle magic is particularly popular with Wicca and other Earth based religions. This form of sympathetic magic is often governed by the rule of three (i.e. that which is put out returns to the sender three-fold). This rule of magic is designed to promote the use of positive magic. For example, a candle spell cannot compel another against their will, but it can open their eyes to positive feelings they may already feel.