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Easy Love Spells With Pictures Under Pillow

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Effective Love Spells Using Pictures

When you are in love with someone, then all you do is keep thinking about them. You want to love your better half more and more and expect the same response from them. Do you keep on thinking how do you make him/ her love you more? How to enhance love in your relationship? So, if you want your lover to love you more than he/ she does now, then you should perform effective love spells using pictures. The love spells will help you establish a happily ever after relationship with your lover.

easy love spells with picturesSometimes, your relationship doesn’t work the way you want it to. Your partner becomes a little too careless or starts taking you for granted, if this is the situation with you, then easy love spells with pictures will surely be of great help to you. All you need to do is perform love magic spells to make your lover, crush or partner fall deeply in love with you and stay with you all your life. The easy love spells with pictures are performed using pictures to bring an immediate change in your love life.

Picture Under Pillow Love Spell

Picture under pillow love spell

Picture under pillow love spell is done to bring your lover to you. However, there are certain rules which you should follow before you perform picture under pillow love spell. One of the conditions is that the person performing this spell should be an adult. The adult is not for kids and teenagers. It is an important condition because the person should know the consequence of the spell and that it cannot be reversed and the person on whom it will be performed will be with you all your life. Picture under pillow love spell creates your eternal bond with that person, it doesn’t matter whether you both live in the same city or are in a long distance relationship.

Picture Behind Headboard Spell

Picture behind headboard spell is strong and wakes your love in the heart of the person whose picture is being used. The picture should only be of your partner, and there shouldn’t be anyone else in the photo. The spell is best cast at night and you should seek the help of a professional spell caster to cast this spell.

Easy love spells with pictures is given below –

For this spell, you need a red candle and a picture of your lover. Light the candle and meditate by looking at the picture of your lover. Say this chant “I am obsessed with you oh my love and I am passionate for your love. Let this person walk in my life, walk after me, love me, run after me and desire me. May he/ she want me all his life” Say these sentences at least 3 times.

Perform it at night before going to bed. Allow the candle to burn out completely. And store the wax and picture somewhere safe where no one sees it. In a few days gap, you will notice a change in the attitude and behaviour of your partner and he/ she will be passionate like never before for you.