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Black Magic Spells To Separate A Couple or Lovers

Black Magic Spells To Separate A Couple

Spells To Separate A Couple

Is there any other woman in your husband’s life who’s trying to ruin your married life? Has your husband lost interest in you altogether? Do you wish to bring him back in your life? It is indeed painful to come to know that your husband is involved in a relationship with someone else. You feel helpless but aren’t able to win your husband back. If this is the situation you need not worry with the help of powerful enchanting spells to separate a couple, you will be able to end the relationship of your husband with some other woman.

Spells To Separate Friends

Teenager couple breaking up ending relation

If you have a group of people who try to harm you or attack you then you can use the spells to separate friends. It will break the unity of the group of those friends who have ruined your life. You just need to create the right kind of energies and focus on the couple or friends whom you want to break. You can chant the spells to separate the friends and see the results in few days. The spell works like magic and can do wonders in your life. It will lead to disputes and conflicts between the couples leading to separation or break up.

Spells to Separate Two Lovers

You can perform the below given spell to separate a couple:

This spell to separate a couple emphasizes on separating a couple. Firstly burn a black candle and clear your energies. Watch out the flame as it burns slowly and take deep breaths.

Prepare yourself to cast the spell. Now write the names of the people you wish to separate on a paper.

Sprinkle some garlic oil onto each of the names.

Black Magic Spells To Separate Lovers

After this add one spoon of cayenne paper and one teaspoon of salt on it. Hold the black candle in your right hand and close your eyes. This spell won’t cause any harm to anybody despite serving its purpose. Send your wishes to the Universe so that it may hear you. Sprinkle wax on the paper, oil, salt and pepper. Roll the paper and while you cast the spell, focus on your wish for the couple to break up. Now chant the spell: “So transfer my will / my spell has been heard / as I will / so might it be.”

Now roll the paper along with the ingredients and bury it under the ground or throw it in running water. Now light the left out candle on a full moon and allow it to completely melt down.

Black Magic Spells to Separate Couples

The black magic spells to separate couples are very powerful and effective in creating feelings of anger, ego and sourness in the relationship. If you are a novice then you should chant the spells with the help of a chant spell caster.